Style Spotlight: Regional Modern in Cape Cod

Regional Modern design is getting a lot of attention these days. We’re fortunate that Massachusetts is leading the way in this regard and there some truly splendid examples to explore throughout the state. Among the most stunning are some marvelous homes nestled into the background of Cape Cod. These homes feature everything from beautiful trellis work and soft […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Dorchester

Dorchester is the largest of the Boston neighborhoods. Its size has attracted people from around the world eager to pursue the American dream. Thus, you will find plenty of immigrants from Ireland, Vietnam, and Cape Verde mingling with long-term residents who have already put strong roots down into the community. Indeed, Dorchester is a community where […]

Taking a Loft to New Heights in This South End Neighborhood

Boston’s South End neighborhood is buzzing with talk about one of the latest lofts to be renovated and reinvigorated. With 18-foot ceilings and incredible views, the work done by ZeroEnergy Design is a perfect example of how to take the dull and drab and transform it into something fabulous. Beginning by realigning the doorway into […]