Echelon Seaport has Arrived

Echelon Seaport – Boston

Echelon Seaport is bringing “New York City living” to Boston in a big way (see renderings below).  For many years, we’ve had clients tell us that the amenities (or lack thereof) in luxury buildings throughout Boston were small, tired or an after thought.  The Echelon Seaport is changing the game for luxury real estate in Boston.  Amenities include (but are not limited to) concierges, valets, indoor basketball, indoor fitness centers, two outdoor pools, 1 indoor pool, outdoor courtyards, indoor clubrooms and many more luxury amenities that Bostonians have desperately wanted.

Sales are slated to begin later this Spring.  If you are considering purchasing in this once-in-a-lifetime development, make sure to start your research NOW!  My recommendation is to contact us sooner rather than later to ensure that you are one of the first buyers in the door.  This will allow you to select your residence and also ensure you purchase prior to any probable price increases.

In addition to the amazing residential and amenity component, Echelon Seaport will also have some of the highest end retail in the City, which is being marketed by WS development.

For complimentary buyer representation, please reach out to us today!  For additional information and to contact us today, please follow this link

Echelon Exterior Rendering

Echelon Interior Pool Rendering

Echelon Fire Pits Echelon Rendering Basketball Echelon Exterior Pool








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