Neighborhood Spotlight: Bay Village

The Bay Village neighborhood is one of Boston's best kept secrets. Source: Bay Village, Boston via Wikipedia
The Bay Village neighborhood is one of Boston’s best kept secrets. Source: Bay Village, Boston via Wikipedia

Boston is a city with a discovery waiting around every corner. The next time you’re out exploring, be sure to visit the Bay Village neighborhood where the city’s historic roots course through the sands of time.

At just six square blocks, it’s a small neighborhood. This makes it easy to miss in the hustle and bustle of daily life. That’s part of the secret of the neighborhood: it’s so small that it’s been able to hide out from many of the changes that have altered other neighborhoods in the city. Indeed, the architecture you’ll see is distinct and reflects the Federal period with staunch resolution.

Well, it’s resisted most changes. Art Deco came into vogue once upon a time and so too did Victorian architecture. All three of these styles can be seen in the six blocks that make up the neighborhood. Throughout the area, you’ll see tall trees, beautifully maintained facades, and friendly neighbors that wave and say hello as you pass by.

Honestly, visiting Bay Village is a bit like traveling back in time. If it weren’t for the clothes and the cars, you’d genuinely think you’d been picked up and dropped off a hundred years ago. From the Our Lady of Victories Church to the Greek Revival townhouses of Melrose Street, the community has managed to maintain the much the same flavor through the centuries. That makes it a genuine classic among America’s most notable neighborhoods.

The Bay Village neighborhood is a tranquil place in the heart of the city. It is quiet, peaceful, and friendly. It really is the kind of neighborhood where you ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar, and join them for Saturday fishing trips and Sunday tea. While there are some restaurants at the edge of the neighborhood, Bay Village is primarily homes. There are no bustling shopping centers, few offices, and traffic jams are as rare as an unkind word. This makes it feel more like a village than a neighborhood in the middle of one of America’s busiest cities.

The Bay Village neighborhood is among the most charming in the city. We invite you to contact The Gollinger Team of Coldwell Banker at 617-266-4430 for more information about the listings we have in the area and to schedule a showing to view the properties you find most appealing.

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