New England Aquarium’s proposal to build a “Blueway” could extend the Rose Kennedy Greenway 1,000 feet to the Waterfront

On March 2, the Boston Planning and Development Agency approved the rezoning of 42 acres of the Boston Waterfront.  However, somewhat lost in those plans was a proposal submitted by the New England Aquarium to create a “Blueway,” reports Tom Acitelli for Curbed.  The Blueway would span 1,000 feet from the Rose Kennedy Greenway to the edge of the water.

Rendering of the Blueway (CBT Architects).
Rendering of the Blueway (CBT Architects)

The Aquarium’s proposal is related to larger plans for the redevelopment of the Boston Harbor Garage as well as to the institution’s desire to expand its size over the next decade, reports Jon Chesto of the Boston Globe, which covers the proposal in detail.  By agreeing to the redevelopment of the garage — which may entail a new 600-foot tower — the Aquarium has sought to build support for the Blueway.  The Aquarium first put forth this proposal with the City of Boston and the Chiofaro Co., which is the Harbor Garage’s owner, in September 2016.  Now, with the Boston Planning and Development Agency’s recent approval, the project looks that much more likely.

"The Blueway"
Rendering from CBT Architects

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