Proposed One Charlestown Development Will Add 3,200 New Units of Mixed-Income Housing

Currently under review by the BRA, the proposed One Charlestown development involves the redevelopment of the existing Bunker Hill Apartments in Charlestown, a 13 block site that houses 1,100 affordable housing units built in 1941.  The development team for One Charlestown, led by Corcoran-SunCal, proposes the demolition of the current affordable housing units and the building of 3,200 units of mixed-income housing.  All of the 1,100 affordable housing units would be replaced.  In addition, the proposal calls for 100,000 square feet of new retail/civic space, as well as off-street parking and new public open space.  The retail space would be located on Bunker Hill Street.

Mixed-income housing

The One Charlestown development would maintain the same number of affordable housing units, while adding 2,100 market-rate and workforce housing units.  All of the new affordable units (1,100) would be built to the same design standards as the market-rate apartments, and would feature the same finishes. Market-rate and affordable units would also be in the same buildings.

One Charlestown
Rendering of the proposed One Charlestown development.  Address: 55 Bunker Hill Street.  Urban Designer and Lead Architect: Stantec.

One Charlestown Design Approach

The development proposal offers a range of public area improvements.  One of the major goals of the development team is to create a “safe, walkable and inviting neighborhood” (per the One Charlestown website).  The project would “create a new line of connection along Bunker Hill Street with active storefronts, landscaping, and a restored street grid” (per the One Charlestown website).  Click here for an image of the restored street grid with improvements made in terms of connectivity, walkability and bicycle access  (image from the One Charlestown website).  The project would also knit together Charlestown’s rich historical legacy, dating back to the Revolutionary War period, by integrating some of these prominent historical events into the project’s landscape architecture and cultural programming.

In addition, One Charlestown would create new public gathering spaces, including two new neighborhood parks.  One of these areas would be a public square on Monument Street, called “Bunker Hill Square,” that would reflect on Charlestown’s history.  The other park would serve as a common gathering area for residents.  Called the “Bunker Hill Commons,” the park would be located in the interior of the project site.

Construction Timeline and More Information

Per the BRA, “The Project will be constructed on a rolling basis in multiple phases over an approximately 10-year period.”  For more information on the proposed One Charlestown development, please contact the Gollinger Team of Coldwell Banker.

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