Why Use The Gollinger Team?

At The Gollinger Team of Coldwell Banker, our mission is to make the buyer feel as comfortable and taken care of as possible. We do this by always putting the buyer’s needs first.  By representing only the buyer, we can ensure that the best negotiated price will be exactly what you get.  We fight to make sure that every deadline is met and every buyer is happy.

1) The ever-changing real estate regulations can be difficult to navigate.  Regulations, laws and practices change yearly and it is important to have someone on your team to navigate you through the process.  At The Gollinger Team, we pride ourselves on being experts on the rules and regulations of TODAY.

2) While much of your research can be conducted online, our agents pride themselves on knowing the market inside and out.  That doesn’t mean just knowing what’s currently on the market.  It means knowing what has previously sold and what WILL be coming on the market.

3)  We understand market trends and we can help lead you to the right opportunity.  Given that we are “in the field” everyday, we know what’s a good deal.  Today’s market is extremely competitive for buyers and it’s important to make a hard charge after the property you like, utilizing the best techniques to purchase the right home for you!

4) Contracts and negotiations are something The Gollinger Team does on a daily basis.  We know the best tactics to achieve the goals you desire.  We also can assist in hiring or recommending home inspectors, attorneys and any other vendors you require.

We hope you will consider us for your home search.