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Responsive Website

Responsive website

Online Outreach

At TCC, we believe your listing needs to be everywhere online. Whether it be Multiple Listing Service, Trulia, Zillow or even craigslist, no stone is left unturned. In fact, for the first time in the internet age, most prospects will visit a property online prior to visiting the property in person. It is imperative to drive leads from online real estate websites in order to see the results at open houses. We’ve made online outreach a priority for all of our listings.

Since each listing is unique in nature, every strategy for each listing will also be unique. At TCC, we look at the depth of market, average days on market by price point and comparable properties sold and available to help determine what marketing strategy will be most effective. For all listings, given that most buyers will first view the property listing online, photography is one of the key components to any property list. Compelling photography, accurate and informative descriptions and detailed information on the property all aid in the outreach program.

Email and Social Media Marketing

In conjunction with all online marketing, email and social media marketing can be quite effective in reaching your targeted audience. While each property and price point effects the marketing strategy, both social and email marketing can be used to broaden your pool of potential buyers.

At TCC, we use both on all listings. Email marketing helps us target Metro Boston professionals, whether it be real estate agents, attorneys, bankers or prospective buyers we have a large database that we constantly email blast about available listings. For social media, we utilize facebook, pinterest, youtube and other outlets to bring awareness about TCC and all of our listings. When a unit listed with TCC hits the market, we immediately push that listing to all of our contacts.

Both email and social media marketing are cost-effective, efficient ways to pull prospects to open houses and private tours. Contact us today to learn more!


At TCC, we strongly believe that we represent not just our clients but their properties as well and because of that, we must represent those properties in the best light in order for our seller’s to get the highest possible price for the unit. Part of that rationale is why we spend so much time on brochure pieces. As many visitors of open houses can attest, many real estate agents do not provide anything but a basic black and white listing sheet for prospects. Don’t you think you as a Seller you deserve more? At TCC, we do too! And that’s why we pride ourselves on marketing presentation. Contact us today to learn more


Since every property and listing is unique, we want to ensure we advertise to a property’s strengths. One of the ways we do this is product positioning analysis. What is the target audience for the listing? Where are prospective buyers coming from? What, if any, publications will be effective in driving traffic? These answers are derived from years of working in Boston as well as our analytical expertise. Some of the outreach we have utilized in the past has been Boston Homes, the Boston Globe, online trade publications, the Boston Herald, magazines such as Boston Magazine and Boston Improper. Call us today to find out how we would market your property!

Local Knowledge

Our local knowledge extends past the different areas of Boston. We have developed relationships with the local developers and building managers to ensure smooth transitions when buying and selling. Our team has extensive knowledge or the local trends as well as the people.

Community Experts

Our extensive knowledge in the community does not end with your relocation. We have the ability to assist the transition through community providers to make your move as easy and stress free as possible.

Search Engine Optimization

For every listing we receive we do a write up on our social media about it. Using the most recent social media technology we have the ability to post on many different platforms ensuring that your listing is featured in as many places as possible. As a result of our advanced social media presence we are a very successful technique of driving traffic.

How we differ

We keep our social media in house and as a result are able to control what is written and when. We keep our listings very current and up to date in an effort to keep you happy. Using the proper social media can drastically influence the way your property is sold.