Style Spotlight: Regional Modern in Cape Cod

Regional Modern design is centered on the relationship between glass, wood, stone, and steel. Source: Houzz
Regional Modern design is centered on the relationship between glass, wood, stone, and steel. Source: Houzz

Regional Modern design is getting a lot of attention these days. We’re fortunate that Massachusetts is leading the way in this regard and there some truly splendid examples to explore throughout the state.

Among the most stunning are some marvelous homes nestled into the background of Cape Cod. These homes feature everything from beautiful trellis work and soft wood cladding to give them a natural, yet futuristic ambiance. Designed by Hammer Architects, they have done a masterful job of taking into account the natural environment and climate to create homes that blend perfectly into the landscape.

At the core of regional modern is the harmonious relationship between glass, wood, stone, and steel. The blending of these elements to create simple, yet elegant designs is what makes these home so appealing. Further, the simplicity of these materials belies their inherent strength. Indeed, they can be used to create large picture windows, sweeping verandas, and expansive spaces with ease.

Another designer to look for is Maryann Thompson Architects. They are highly skilled at combining outdoor/indoor spaces into one. This makes their homes feel ever more expansive while maximizing the owner’s enjoyment of the outdoors. Indeed, their designs are airy and welcoming which makes them perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing after a long week at the office.

Equally as important to design, the homes designed by Hammer Architects and Maryann Thompson Architects have done a commendable job of taking full advantage of the natural scenery and the beautiful views Cape Cod affords. By including everything from spacious patios to ringed porches, the regional modern homes they’ve constructed create delightful places of rest and relaxation without being hindered by sun glare, blowing wind, or falling rain.

Further, while the homes afford plenty of open space, they also create plenty of privacy. The strategic positioning of windows and the inclusion of automatic window shades means that privacy can be adjusted as desired. In the end, it makes these square homes with staunchly defined lines havens for peaceful reflection, and idyllic retreats from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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